• EBH Durban was approached by the Owners of the MT Berg, a 144m 16500DWT Chemical and Multi-product Tanker to effect a post-build assessment of the Stainless Steel Pipe Systems that had failed   during its delivery voyage.  
  • The vessel docked alongside EBH Berth early May 2009 for minor repairs and the inspection of leaks in pipe systems.
  • Upon inspection it was determined that the fully welded pipe systems were in some cases not welded to specification.
  • Material analysis of the failed pipe sections further revealed that the Stainless Steel pipe was manufactured from re-melt SS scrap and had an iron content that was out of specification.
  • EBH undertook the replacement of all Deck, Engine Room, Pump Room and Tank Space Pipe work with the assistance of several Petro Chemical qualified Piping Contractors, to the satisfaction of the Bureau Veritas Surveyors and Owners.
  • During the two months alongside, the vessel was also fitted with:
  1. Class approved 5t Provisioning Crane.
  2. Engine Room Emergency Escape.
  3. New Hatch Access to the Bow Thrusters Compartment and below-deck stiffening to Bollards and      Fairleads.
  • A Project Management plan to schedule the work in the tank spaces and compartments was devised to avoid labour clashes amongst the Piping Contractors and optimise the sequence of the repairs.
  • As a comparison, the Singapore Shipyard completed the pipe replacement in one week less than the EBH Durban Teams.