EBH SA passionately believes in Artisan and Engineering Training and Development. We regard Apprenticeships and Engineering investment as being key to the ongoing success of our organisation. Programmes such as Apprenticeships and Engineering have broadened our skilled artisan database to align us to meet future strategic objectives. Our involvement in these programmes since 2010 have produced numerous qualified artisans and engineers. Currently, the company has an intake of 20 apprentices, 4 of which are in their final year of training.


Apprenticeships are well established technical training programmes which include both practical and theoretical components.
The theoretical training is held at an accredited MERSETA institution and the practical training is hosted by EBH SA – a MERSETA accredited workplace provider.




EBH SA currently hosts apprentices in the followings trades:

  • Electrical
  • Rigging
  • Welding.

The programme runs for a duration of 3 -4 years and is concluded with the apprentice undergoing a National Trade Test. To date we have achieved a 90% success rate on completion of trade tests and on qualification retained 86% of the apprentices trained.


Section 28 training programme is a way of recognising the prior learning and experience of an employee who has been working for some years in a particular trade but has not passed a trade test.

Once an employee is identified, he undergoes assessment at the institution and on recommendation of the service provider, is given a refresher prior to attempting the National Trade Test.

In order to be considered for a Section 28 trade test the applicant is required to have either of  the following:

  • Minimum four (4) years relevant on the job practical experience within South Africa and N2 four subjects’ certificate or equivalent qualification including relevant trade theory.
  • Minimum five (5) years relevant on the job practical experience within South Africa and N2 relevant trade theory or equivalent subject.
  • Minimum six (6) years relevant on the job practical experience within South Africa with no N2.

EBH SA has qualified former semi skilled employees into artisans in the fields of Welding, Boilermaking, Fitting and Electrical and has a 75% retention.

The apprenticeship programme is completed in 3 phases over 3 to 4 years.



Theoretical training in their respective trades at an accredited training provider for 10 to 12 weeks with the simulated practical approximately 40 weeks.


The simulated practical for the respective trades is run over a period of 43 to 46 weeks at EBH SA.


Apprentices return to the training school for their final phase of theory. The duration of    theoretical training is between 8 to 10 weeks and the simulated practical is 42 to 44 weeks. Once all 3 phases of theory and  practical ‘s are successfully completed the apprentice undergoes trade tests and 80% of the candidates are placed within EBH SA. The main goal of this ongoing artisan training and development project is to ensure that we have a continuous flow of skilled artisans for our future operational and growth requirements.