• EBH took the Boskalis Cutter-Suction Dredger, “URSA” in hand in March 2008 for extensive refit and sanitisation of marine growth, of the vessel prior to being deployed to the Port of Newcastle, Australia.
  • Propulsion Plant, Generators, Winches and Dredge Pumps were completely overhauled as well as a complete refit of the entire dredge chain.
  • The dredge ladder of 850 tonnes was stripped of its twin 400 kW motors, Gear Box and Cutter drive shaft and cutter head before docking on the 140m EBH floating dock “ELDOCK” for underwater repairs.
  • The refit procedure required the 650 tonne steel ladder structure to be removed from the bow of the vessel for repairs.
  • This had never been attempted before since the vessel was constructed.
  • The ladder was removed by an innovative skidding solution that allowed the ladder to be safely skidded out 27m and refitted after repairs to a tolerance of 0,7mm in order to assemble the Ladder Pivot bearings which had been completely renewed.
  • The full scope of work for this major refit of the vessel was undertaken by EBH Durban and completed within 3 months as required by the client.