EBH Durban was approached by the Owners of the MSC MARIA, a 125m 12262DWT General Cargo Ship to carry out a full vessel dry dock survey.  

The vessel had docked in our privately owned floating dock ‘Eldock’ to undergo her 5 yearly dry dock survey.

The vessel underwent extensive work within Eldock (EBH)  as the work scope required a full service that included the complete  blasting and painting of the hull, over 40 tons of steel repairs, wide ranging mechanical work on the propellers, bow thrusters and engine rooms as well as over 2059m3 done by our in house scaffolding department.

During the (time frame) of the vessel in our floating dock EBH was able to overcome:

  • The difficulty of the steel repairs being in various locations within the wing tanks, EBH rigging team was able to crop the steel material and rig it into position for a successful finish.
  • The Hatch cover repairs due to it being in-stitu.
  • The vessel was also fitted with a new sky light which was fabricated and installed.

The docking went off without any set backs and another happy client to add to our service list.

Repairs & Maintenance carried out:

Blasting and Painting:

  • Hand scrape off of marine & barnacle growth: 4134m2
  • All Hull Cleaning and Painting: 8680m2
  • Range  and re-stow anchor chains
  • The vessel was scraped and washed on the first day Grit blasting was carried out the following with the first primer.
  • The second primer first antifouling and second antifouling were applied thereafter.
  • Top side red the names and hull markings completed the painting work on the hull.

Steel work: 

Over 40Tons of steel repairs were carried out in our private dock EL Dock

  • The steel repairs were in various locations in the wing tanks of the vessel which made the repair very difficult to be drawn out. The steel material was cropped and rigged into position by a rigging team.
  • The repair of the hatch covers were drawn out due to the repair being carried out in-stitu.
  • A new sky light was fabricated and installed
  • Hull anodes were cropped and renewed after the second antifouling


  • Propeller Hub and blades removed polished and refitted
  • Propeller hub overhauled
  • Bow Thrusters ( removed and refitted bow thrusters propeller and polish blades)
  • Overhauling of engine room valves


  • Over 2059m3 done by our in house scaffolding department